I also enjoy watching YouTube


Although I am an aspiring developer and follow the tech industry daily I also have an interest in other topics such as music, design and also YouTube. In the past 2 years I discovered several YouTube channels which offer great insights in people’s creative lives.

Below I have listed some channels I currently enjoy the most:

Vlogs and short movies

  • Ben Brown – A daily vlogger who travels between London and Cape Town and documents his travels and daily life. I like his way of living and how he follows his creative passions.
  • Casey Neistat – A filmmaker who is known for several short films. He recently started a new business and captures its story with daily vlogs. His mindset in just doing things and not caring about what other people think is quite refreshing to me. This can be inspiring to just trying out things and getting out of your own comfort zone.
  • Fun For Louis – A nomad who is constantly on the move, discovering the world and getting on adventures. It is just about the way he his following his dreams. But I would like him to be a bit more conscious of the places he visits.


  • JacksGap – Two twin brothers who are creating great short documentaries with inspiring stories around travel. I really like their attention to detail.
  • Tim Kellner – makes short films with a great combination between images and music.
  • Steve Booker – A lifestyle/fashion blogger who mainly runs a blog and regularly posts short videos about different topics. I am quite interested in fashion & design and like his style and taste.


  • Buzzfeed Video – The video section of the news network Buzzfeed. Their making loads of videos informative, entertaining and so forth.
  • College Humor – They are making funny videos and sketches for over ten years now. A lot of great laughs.


  • Vice – A news network with a quite different angle on news and documenting what is happening in the world. Often very insightful.


  • The Verge – My favorite tech blog which also creates a lot videos accompanying their articles.
  • Motherboard – a tech blog from the Vice network.
  • Wired – For me the best tech magazine to this day.

I also regularly re-watch talks from past conferences such as CCC, Git-Merge, JS-Conf, etc.

There are many more great channels out there that create stunning and inspiring content. But in the end you just can’t keep up with everything 😅.